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What is PhotoExtremist? is a website currently owned by Evan Sharboneau that gives unique tutorials and images to photographers, artists, and photo manipulators.

You can find me on YouTube as I discuss photography and the PhotoExtremist Facebook page for my images and updates. If you'd like to share your images, post them in the PhotoExtremist Flickr Group or on the Facebook wall.

If you would like to contact me, you can send me an email: . Due to the quantity of emails I receive, I unfortunately can no longer guarantee a reply to each and every one.  I would recommend Google Searching the question first, if possible. If doing a Google Search does not lead you to an answer, I personally find that posting camera/Photoshop questions to appropriate Flickr Groups is an extremely fast way to get questions answered because when you post a question, the post is usually seen by dozens (if not hundreds) of people who can give advice. I will try my best to answer email, but I can no longer guarantee a reply to every single one and would instead advise to use the services and tools Google and Flickr Groups have brought us all in order to have your photography questions answered in a timely manner (especially questions relating to technical specifications of camera equipment - I don't have all the specs memorized for every piece of gear out there 😉