Bokeh Photography Tutorial

In order to capture great bokeh shots you will need to set the aperture of your lens to as shallow as it can go. Use a 50mm f1.8, a 70-200mm f2.8, or if you don’t have those, you can still probably use the 18-55mm kit lens that came with your camera (just make sure to zoom in all the way and set the aperture to as low as it can go, f5.6 in most cases).

Because we are working in low light situations, it is a very good idea to have the camera on a tripod to rid camera shake. You can light your subject up with a lamp. In the video I used regularĀ  incandescent / tungsten light bulbs in the background and lit my subject up with a near-incandescent modeling lamp as well. If you are a strobist you can use an external flash to light your subject, just make sure to put some sort of tan colored gel over your flash unit to make sure the lighting in the background and on the subject match color temperature.

Bokeh Photos

Cast your bokeh to the wind


Bokeh Star HDR

bokeh bubbles by ~roseonthegrey

the fallen sons of Eve by ~roseonthegrey

Happy Bokeh raining Day

Drink today and drown all sorrow

"Secangkir Bokeh...... " by scholastica_ees on Flickr

A cupful of bokeh.

A Cup of Bokeh, please?

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23 Responses to Bokeh Photography Tutorial

  1. Leslie says:

    Well, Thank you very much. I just discovered your site and I love it. You’re a great teacher.

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  3. Christin. E says:

    I discovered your blog today and …oh myyy…you have done a great work here!
    So much to learn here…you are a very generous person , Thank you very much!
    Christin from Sweden

  4. shiry says:

    all of the above – and thanks again…:)

  5. David says:

    Thank you.
    Yes, you look geeky and nerdy, but your generousity makes me wish you were my friend.
    Kind regards, David.

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  12. Albert says:

    Hi: I like your Blog……….Thanks, greetings from Bogota.

  13. Alan says:

    Hi, I have a Canon T4i with a 18-135 is it possible to take this kind of pictures with this equipment? I’m totally new at photography but trying to learn a lot lol

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  15. William says:

    Great tips and impressive photos! I just purchased a new Nikon DSLR and 50mm prime lens. This should be a great setup for bokeh shots, no?

  16. Faisal says:

    Beautiful pictures. Very creative.

    I am a beginner and bought a D7100 yesterday with the 18-105mm kit. I also purchased the 35mm f1/1.8G, but I am confused now reading all the online stuff about 55mm 1.8G. I would be taking pics of my 6 month baby girl indoors mostly; portraits with nice bokeh.

    The dealer said I can exchange the 30mm 1.8G for the 55mm 1.8G or D. What do you suggest?

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  19. Rahin says:

    great tutorial ..!! can you tell me the song name please !! “R.

  20. Clark – Ted (Acoustic Remake by Somewhere in July)

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  23. Lisa Maria says:

    So amazing bokeh tutorial. Great discovery and wonderful idea share.

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