PhotoExtremist.com is a website currently owned by Evan Sharboneau that gives unique tutorials and images to photographers, artists, and photo manipulators.

You can find me on YouTube as I discuss photography and the PhotoExtremist Facebook page for my images and updates. If you’d like to share your images, post them in the PhotoExtremist Flickr Group or on the Facebook wall.

If you would like to contact me, you can send me an email:

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  1. Theresa says:

    Very interesting blog you have here πŸ™‚ Hope you keep it going now that I found it!

  2. Hey Evan,
    Nice work young jeddi. I love what you’ve done with your site. You’ve got some great stuff. If you need anything, You let me know. Nice working with ya πŸ™‚

  3. Eva says:

    Your tutorials are excellent and very simple to follow. Now, I can look like a pro and nobody suspects a thing.
    Muahahahahaha… xD
    I look forward to seeing more of them around.

  4. fahad says:

    really amazing work dude!
    i was wondering if i can do it with my compact digital camera?( honestly telling i dont think so πŸ™ )

  5. VeronikaC says:

    Too much fun! I’ve stayed up too late again. Nice of you to share the joy so freely. Merry Christmas!

  6. Mike says:

    Great tutorials simple and straight forward producing great works of art.

  7. Robyn Woodroffe says:

    Thanks for being so generous sharing your great tutorials . I agree they are easy to follow and fun to do. I’m looking forward to more…..


  8. Big thumbs up for the win!!

  9. Diane Adams says:

    I just found your work on youtube. I’ve tried the smoking apple, smoking hand and the blurred background lights and impressed myself. Today I’ll do the Multiplicity shots. As simple as these are to create, they do look great. Evan I love your creativity & simplicity, you make this so simple. Thanks for sharing your knowlege!

  10. Kevin says:

    Hey, Evan, I learned about you on “Learn My Shot”. I’ve been a photo enthusiast for about 20 years, starting of course with film, but now shoot exclusively digital. I just tried your technique shooting waterdrops on a CD. This is very cool. I was pleased with the results and have some ideas using the CD’s that I will share once I’ve tried them myself. I also anxious on trying the steelwool idea which I plan on doing very soon. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


  11. Lucien says:

    Hi Evan,

    Love the work you are doing. Lots of clever ideas. Your tutorials are easy to follow.
    Eager to see more new tricks.


  12. I have noticed a few bugs on this website. But gr8 job so far!

  13. Loving your work here in the UK – will keep coming back for inspiration!

  14. Ben says:

    Hello photoextremist. I love your videos. I woud like your opinion on something. I have the chance to buy a set of filters (22 cokin filters and 3 mounts) for 90 euro. Do you know cokin? Is this worth it? Thanks!

  15. I have no experience using Cokin filters but I hear they are good. 22 filters for 90 euros sounds like a steal to me, but then again I don’t use many filters so I don’t know if these are high quality ones or not.

  16. wow..this is a amazing techniques…I love your videos… πŸ™‚
    thank you

  17. Christin E says:

    Love your creativity and your “crazy” ideas πŸ™‚
    Thank you soooooo much for sharing all this stuff with us!

    All my best
    Christin from Sweden

  18. Jessica N says:

    Love the blog thank you!

  19. Burt says:

    What an awesome blog…after seeing your photos…I had to sign up for your Free ebook !

    I teach students about video creation in combination with Internet Marketing for themselves and businesses. I’m excited to learn from you to see how I can improve on what I do.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise!


  20. canond7 says:

    I liked some of the work
    And worthy experiment
    Can you see the camera model used

  21. Calvin says:

    very cool work, do you ever sleep? you will go very far (further) in photography I am sure, good luck and keep up the great work.

  22. Brian Hay says:

    Just downloaded your book tonight, and have already learned a lot. Absolutely superb, look forward to trying a few more of your tips.

  23. Chris Sturk says:

    I am just in aww.. you create such amazing pieces of work. So glad I found your site, your youtube and flickr. I am learning a lot from your creative style. Amazing work.

    def will be learning from you. you make it fun and easy and creative!

  25. kingphoto says:

    Do you think you might be able to have a contest? They are fun

  26. Hendro Prasetiyo says:

    funny and great tutorial! terima kasih :), from Indonesia

  27. Ryan Yeomans says:

    I have been trying the steel wool and wisk technique I found in one of your videos on Youtube. With your recommended settings I was able to produce pictures far beyond my expectations!
    Thanks for all the tips!

  28. mojtaba chenari says:

    you are so talented , man your information is very useful for me thank s a lot …

  29. Lina says:

    great tutorial, Im looking foward to have more interesting & infos on your website!! I learned alot!! thanks Evan

  30. Sarah says:

    u are SO talented, u helped me a lot in photoshop as well as photography.
    your photos are lovely.
    keep it up
    keep on posting tutorial they are helping me a lot
    am speechless for the moment πŸ˜€ i just saw best photography video and i have no words to say. its perfect.
    thank u

  31. Sam Wallan says:

    Hi Evan. I was just wondering how you made your website. I tried to contact you through email, but the message was rejected by the server.
    Sam Wallan

  32. Morayo salawu says:

    Hi mr evan,
    am from lagos,NIGERIA…
    I wnt 2 build a career in photographer,am still an amateur plz sir i love 2 have copies of ur ebooks and cd’s,hw it can be ship down 2 nigeria and the fee,i wnt u 2 be my teacher and my mentor,plz sir i wnt your replies?

  33. Jessica says:

    Don’t you just love when spammers attack an awesome website? *sarcasam*

    Seriously though, Evan, this site is a Godsend. I love it and visit frequently to check for updates! I’m constantly trying to use your techniques with what limited resources I have. Keep up the blog; I’m anxiously awaiting the next post! πŸ™‚

  34. Roxanne says:

    Hey Evan,
    To start of I think you are an amazing person because you share your work with other. Most photographers just show their work if you pay, which is not something you want to do if you consider photography as a hobby.
    Anyway, I want to ask you if you have any knowlegde about tripods. I saw your video about the snow and the light effect, and there you used a tripod. I’ve read many comments about people using different kinds of tripods which only made me even more unsure of what type of tripod I wanted.
    How big is your tripod when it is completely closed and how big is it when it’s open? Can it easily support your camera, or does if slowly fall?
    Please help me choose a tripod.

    Thanks already,
    and continue making nice photography available for everyone

  35. Mahmmud says:


    Thank you very very much!!!!

  36. Eros says:

    My first exposure (no pun intended) to you was at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/evan-sharboneau.html First thing you do is shout at those who cared enough to visit by having this appear prominently: “DO NOT EMAIL ME FROM THIS SITE, AS I DO NOT ANSWER THEM.” Try italics with a different font color; subtle variations catch attention. The same principal applies to
    I took my first SLR shots in 1980 with only John Hedgecoe’s “Modern Photography” and a Ricoh KR5. I’ve designed websites since 1993 – with some basic HTML and after reading about Netiquette.
    Please visit netiquette Please do NOT use all caps, you will only be perceived as ignorant, inconsiderate, arrogant and many will not follow-up, as I’ve done.
    Some have made reference to you “freely” giving, helping, etc., yet – again – my 1st exposure that led me to search your name and website was because of a sales-pitch for $99. I saw a good guarantee and a discount price so I believe I’ll accept your offer.
    Brush up your presentation. As with any Fine Art it requires a fine artist. Your ideas and your mind are your brushes and with DSLR your canvas is limited by your flash card’s storage capacity. The extremist days of cutting off one’s ear are gone. We’re born with a camera – our eyes are the shutter. My brother did oil and acrylics but his first art showing was in his mind’s art gallery. As with my shots of Niagra Falls at night, finding a venue to display the work was difficult.
    Now we have the internet with doors opening all around us. Approach your audience in a manner that causes no doors to close behind you.
    FYI, your talents are commendable – I’m impressed, you’re an impressionist; however old rules still apply > you get one chance to make a first impression. Look at your visitor count, your “Likes” and forum comments = increase those numbers by presenting “you” because I feel your artistic thinking speaks for itself.
    I present my music, written since 1975 and as it progressed toward the ‘very good’ range I placed it on the web where it sits for friends and family to examine and view on a site with a subtitle: “A Site For Sore Ears”. So many websites I’ve pushed to number one through design and SEO, I’ve never promoted my own work – and it’s been on the web for 9 years.
    If I could reach the level of perfectionism which you seem to have done, I would present it to the world. Mine is there to possibly stumble upon but you exude confidence in your creations so please push forward. Present yourself without arrogance and watch your ‘counts’ go up. You can also expect my order and with it a note to identify that name and connection to this forum comment. You could also choose not to post this; that will not diminish the quality of your work. Think seriously about removing the CAPS LOCK key from your keyboard.

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