Wineglass Splash Studio Photography Tutorial


Here is the video. If you can’t see it below, you can watch it directly on YouTube.


 Cheaper Alternative set-up:

  • The strobe can be replaced with an unused $200 LP180 speedlight, or even something like a used speedlight for ~$50 – the only difference is that you might need to raise the ISO and widen the aperture a bit, depending on how bright the speedlight is.
  • The fancy PocketWizard wireless trigger system can be replaced with the RF-603 trigger for $37. I am pretty sure these can be plugged into any strobe by using the PC Sync or audio jack port, as that is what I did with the older RF-602. I even sort of think the RF-603 are more responsive than the PocketWizards! Sometimes, for whatever reason my PocketWizards don’t want to respond and it can be frustrating. The RF-603 is smaller too.
  • Then, optionally, you could get a cheap light stand and umbrella for another $20-$40 (but you could probably get by without this, depending on what you are trying to do/photograph).

The cheaper set-up is the stuff I have been using all this time until recently (and still do use it). Remember, I took this shot with all entry-level equipment and it came out great. The flashes had to be close to the subject and have no light modifiers on them, but the shot still looks pro, and I was able to use 1/32 flash power (flash duration is super short, probably shorter than any given strobe, including the E640), and ISO100, F16 (ideal settings)!


  • You could experiment with different densities of liquid, and then drip a different color to each density, so it looks like a rainbow is flying out of the wineglass.
  • You can also just throw the wineglass up in the air, but you will need to be sure that it lands on something soft. I would recommend having it fall on an elevated sheet. Spinning it in a spiral could be interesting.


Final Image:

Wineglass with Pink Liquid

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50 Responses to Wineglass Splash Studio Photography Tutorial

  1. Weedwacker says:

    That was freaking amazing! I’d love to try this. One thing would be really helpful, and I know you touched on this briefly–but for those of us that can’t afford the big strobes… it would be so helpful if you would try the setup using speedlights and let us know the specifics on flash and camera settings to get the same effect. I would be fumbling with it all day, but that would really be helpful and informative for us non-professionals.

    Did you have to protect your camera from the splashing?


  2. Илья says:

    Спасибо за отличный материал, очень полезно!
    (Thanks for the great lessons! Useful material.)

  3. Donald Pullum says:

    I made a mirror house using 4 rectangular mirrors from Dollar Tree store. Mounted them with L s to a board. A small doorway was left to let the camera lens peek in to the “room”. Placing a small object in the room gives many reflections. variations of the corner angles give different effects as does angle of the camera. Variation is to have floor with pattern, or top as a mirror, or top is translucent plastic. Photos turn out interesting. Have fun and feel free to use.
    Love your inspiring work.

  4. María García says:

    Great!!!! and congratulations. It´s a pitty ’cause I don’t understand English, but if you could add subtitles, it would be easier 😉

  5. Photofairy says:

    Evan, u r soo cool.
    I love your tutorials! It has inspired me to get my arse in gear again!!
    It’s been a really tough year for my family and myself, but I’ve found my creative side again. I have your trick photography course and I showed my 11 year old yesterday and he loved your tutorial with the snow and light painting affects. Thank you so much you are great!
    Have started a Flickr account (Photo fairy) I have uploaded a shot of high speed shot of strawberry in water and am feeling more confident about getting my stuff out to the world!!

  6. Christin says:

    Thank you very much for sharing all your creative ideas and experiment with us!
    This is so fun and Interesting – must try this soon!
    Christin from Sweden

  7. June Pryor says:

    Hi Evan! Love all your tutorials and books etc. I am already subscribed to your mailing list but would like the Trick Photography book that you are giving away to subscribers. How do I go about getting it?

  8. Murshed says:

    You are The best man …..

    Best regards
    Murshed Almehairi


  9. Doug says:

    Great tutorial Evan.
    I have finished going through your Master Class and there was a huge amount of help there, may thanks.


  10. Doug says:

    Great tutorial Evan, keep ’em coming.

    I was very pleased with the Master Class I purchased from you earlier this year, very useful stuff.

    Doug Thompson

  11. Hidayat says:

    hi Evan
    as usual..your tutorial was amazing..thank you

    Hidayat Abadi
    Lombok – Indonesia

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  13. Ron says:

    Any chance you’ve ever tried to use the AC3 on a Yongnuo 622 trigger? I doubt it would work but I’ve looked everywhere trying to find if anyone has tried it. Looks like you’ve really moved up with your equipment from a couple years ago. Congrats!

  14. Really great tutorial thanks for sharing this tutorial with us.

  15. Very good tutorial! I will teach the students in the school. Thanks

  16. Evan, you are an inspiration!
    I tried a multiple arm sort of ‘Bhudda’- type shot which was done using just an iPad as a light source in your ebook. My attempt was unsuccessful …..

  17. Geert says:

    Thanks, very useful.

  18. Rustam Ali says:

    Cool! I’m appreciate on this creative tutorial. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us.

  19. Could you link me some example images of stuff you shot? This sounds very interesting.

  20. hei. please tell me how to create that video, i do want to know.. its amazing trik..

  21. ashish says:

    i wanna start my own photography m 18 years old so i wanna b guided properly by experts like u that how to take perfect kliks and all that stuff …………………………….so plz help me MR.

  22. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the video.
    Could you please tell me what camera do you use to record your video?
    Thank you in advance.

  23. Salim Ahmed says:

    Photography is my hobby. I get more information to the blog about photography. Thanks for sharing it.

  24. Mr Karim says:

    It’s master class and the post is helpful. I think that it help me professional work.

  25. I can’t watch the video 🙁

  26. Billy Evans says:

    Can u send me some of those free photo pamphlets u talked about in one of ur tutorials. Thanks.

  27. This video tutorial is very useful and informative . Like your tutorial . So thanks .

  28. statbd says:

    Very useful and instructive collections of a tutorial. Nowadays photography is the essential for every business. Your wine glass step by step photography guidelines are helpful for every newbie. As an enthusiast photography artist, I think it’s very creative and reliable tutorial for learning new things.

  29. Very enthusiastic! I am seeing and hearing your wineglass tutorial.In point of fact, you create this effectively and efficiently. Your wine glass photoshop lighting effect technique is awesome.

  30. Gaurav says:

    Awesome editing tutorials… thank you thank you so much..

  31. very effective post for photographer …………………. i also share on Clipping Path Associate

  32. Thanks for taking the time to explain things in such great detail in a way that is easy to understand.

  33. Ray says:

    I tried to purchase the tricks etc. for $49.00 and expected to pay via PayPal with a click or two. Instead I was directed to some form of click bank I never heard of and spent 10 minutes trying to pay and got fed up and found this place to sound off. I’d still like to make the purchase and will if you contact me and help me out.

  34. Lisa Maria says:

    Amazing photography tutorial and a lot of information share this blog. I also help to learn this blog.

  35. Lisa Maria says:

    Amazing photography tutorial and a lot of information share this blog. I also help to learn this blog. Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us.

  36. diracvideo says:

    amazing wineglass photography tutorial. i hope this site become better.

  37. Every single detail about the topic has been highlighted in this article. You don’t come across articles like this very often. But when you do, make sure you comment.

  38. decanter says:

    I really like your photography and i should try to make this kind of wine glass!

  39. Nancy L Tuttle says:

    Due to a computer crash, I’ve lost my downloaded course. How do I access my purchase? My email address has changed since my purchase. TYIA

  40. helen says:

    Great post for photography. if you need any help with photo editing can help you.

  41. yousef abdullah says:

    many thanks dear.
    realy amayzing!
    i will try it!
    best regard

  42. omia says:

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  44. clipping way says:

    Everything has its value. Thanks for sharing this informative information with us. GOOD works!

  45. I’ve always suffered with wineglass photography. I will try your tutorial & will let you know about it.

  46. Rashel Ahmed says:

    Really awesome tutorial, I really enjoy it. Thanks

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