Finally, Trick Photography and Special Effects is Now Available

There hasn’t been many posts here because I’ve been spending most of my time writing my new e-book, Trick Photography and Special Effects  (now available at But! I plan on doing more video posts in the near future, so stay tuned.

As far as the e-book, it is similar to “The Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques” and the posts already on this blog, only with much more additional content added. It’s 190 pages long and has over 400 photographs from over 100 artists around the world. It took about several months to finish it!

Below are some examples of what is in the book, but to get the whole scoop, head on over to

  • Dozens and dozens of light painting ideas with descriptions and examples of each

light painting ideas

  • How to stop taking boring images and use HDR Photography and Infrared Photography to turn any dull photograph into a dramatic hyper-realistic image that “pops” with fantastic color and depth. This is extremely useful for capturing what your eye actually sees.

HDR Mountain and skyIR Infrared Yellow Lake

  • The secrets behind turning any landscape into a “polar panorama”. (This is probably the most comprehensive step-by-step guide written about this technique available today, and is worth the money of the entire e-book alone). You’ll discover how to make tunnels, planets, and tunnels with planets inside of them.

polar panoramas

double droste spiral - trick photography

  • How to use the Droste Effect to twist any picture into a never-ending abyss

Droste Effect

  • Over 10 mind-bending optical illusions that you can do straight out of the camera without using any special software or equipment. You’ll learn about forced perspective, transparent screens, rotated perspective, birefringence and shaped bokeh effects.

  • How to use layer-masks and blending modes in Photoshop to combine multiple photos together (mastering just this alone will give you an unlimited amount of creative ideas)
  • How to use Photoshop to create “The Invisible Man”. Two different step-by-step projects are included.Invisible man Bicyclist
  • How to take beautiful Levitation Photographs and edit them from start to finish. This technique makes anyone appear to be floating, flying, or levitating in any environment. You will also learn how to add realistic shadows underneath and behind the model’s body.old levitation trick photogray

Head on over to to get your copy!

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