“A Room Filled with an Obnoxious Amount of Money”

For this photograph titled A Room Filled with an Obnoxious Amount of Money, I simply withdrew $871 from the bank and then used the multiplicity photography effect to fill the room up with cash.

This process roughly took 7-10 hours: roughly 4 hours taking the actual pictures of the money with my DSLR on a tripod; as you can see, I’ve put the money inside of picture frames, taped it walls, folded it around window blinds, mounted it in piles, and stuffed it in drawers and glass jars. Post-processing the 170 individual frames in Adobe Photoshop CS5 took roughly 5 hours.¬† This is a 2 shot vertical panorama (Everything shot in JPEG) with some HDR toning applied at the very end with the Topaz Photoshop plug-in.
A Room Filled with an Obnoxious Amount of Money
This looks like an obnoxious amount of money, but it was really only $871, as you can see below.

1000 dollars

In order to make the heaping “piles” of money seen on the tables, I simply took a small pillow and covered it with the $871, making sure no part of the pillow was visible, then moved the money to the next spot, and repeated 170 times:


If you take this $871 and then multiply it 170 times, this room would be filled with $148,070 USD. If you add the amount of money perceived inside the glass jars and underneath the heaping piles, this room could easily add up to a million US dollars or more.

Pretty cool! I’m rich with American currency, and it only took me 9 hours!

The multiplicity photography effect is explained in the video tutorial linked above. Plus, if you want an entire structured library of unique photography techniques, consider purchasing my instructional how-to e-book and online video course Trick Photography and Special Effects, which explains the camera techniques used to create creative images just like these ones.

Here is another image that is a little more casual titled “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” (Skrillex reference) that was taken in the same room:
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites


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