What’s In My Camera Bag? A Review of All My Photographic Camera Equipment

This video post will go over all of my photographic equipment, including DSLR cameras, lenses, flashes, light stands, tripods, audio and how to record high quality sound with a DSLR, and various camera accessories.


Nikon D300s: This was the best camera on the market for me, but I ultimately dislike  all cameras available on the market because of this reason.

Nikon D50: My first DSLR. Still use it for panoramas and infrared work with the infrared filter.

Canon HF M300 Camcorder (not discussed): I use this to record video now 🙂 Main thing I really don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have a standard hotshoe mount on the top, and there isn’t a full-on manual mode where you can adjust the shutter speed and aperture at the same time, and the shutterspeed is sorta limited in terms of length. Other than that it seems to be pretty good! 30fps/1080p beats the 24fps/720p on the Nikon D300s hehe


AF-S DX Nikkor ED 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G
: I use this about 90% of the time. I should probably get the one with Vibration Reduction, but whatever, this is fine for now.

Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8 D: Really good for low light photography, shallow depth of field, and macro photography when combined with the lens reverser adapter ring.

Nikon Lens Series E 50mm 1:1.8

Tokina SD 70-210mm 1:4-5.6: Never use it really, but might start using it again.

Tamron 18-200mm: Mainly use this for video.

Tokina 80-200: Not even mine, rarely used, but I bet it would look really cool when doing video work.

Lens Reverser Adapter Ring: This thing lets me turn any 52mm threaded lens into a macro lens by mounting the lens on backwards on the camera. The exact one I have that is on Amazon is like $50 but I got this used for about $10-$20.


Hoya R72 Infrared Filter: My favorite filter hehe

Hoya ND400: Super dark filter to get around 30 seconds in pure daylight at F22, ISO100, etc. I can get even longer if I combine this filter with the R72 and the ND8 and Polarizer.

Canon Polarizer: Very good filter for removing glare and saturating colors with CORRECT color. Awesome filter.

Nikon ND 8x: Another darkening filter, just not as extreme.

Quantaray 6X-Cross: This is a star cross filter that slices the light up into a cross shape.

Quantaray Foggilizer Adds a really foggy look to your photos.


Sunpak auto 433 D Thyristor: Full-blast flash, doesn’t seem to be adjustable to 1/2 power, 1/4th, 1/8th, power etc. Only full power apparently.

Sunpak auto 344 D Thyristor: I use this outside or quickly when on the go. Can be adjusted from full power to 1/16th power.

RF602 Wireless Flash Trigger: This is used to wirelessly trigger my 344 flash (or my Photogenic studio light). Works only at 1/160th of a second or slower.

Photogenic StudioMax III 160: Big studio light that plugs into the wall. I won this in a photo competition on a website called Photographer’s Warehouse.

Photo Basics 402 uLite Video Lighting Kit: Got this from Amazon, the lights are bright and hot. Haven’t used the green screen too much.

Large Umbrella

Reflector: Reflects lights and diffuses light~!


Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod: Awesome tripod. Legs and extender pole can go all over the place.

Manfrotto 496RC2 BallHead: Ballhead seems to be really good, I am liking it more compared to the tilt-and-pan.

Monopod: Not mine, came from a cheap tripod, but pretty useful

Sunset PR-5500 Tripod: This was my main tripod but I brought it into the ocean with me one time and the sand got into the grooves and ruined it.

Velbon VS-3 Tripod: Same thing… got messed up from the sand and the legs can’t slide in and out easily…

2 Broken small tripods: These were really crappy to begin with because they were originally made for telescopes lol

Fancier WT803 Light Stand+Umbrella+Clamp KIT: Kits comes with a light stand, a small umbrealla, and a clamp so you can attach the flash and umbella at the top of the stand. Great deal.


Zoom H4n: Awesome high quality sound field recorder.

Adjustable Swivel Shoe Mount: I use this to attach to my Zoom H4n to my Nikon D300s .

LN2MIC-ZOOMH4N 3.5mm Audio Cord: I use this to sync the sound into the D300s so the sound and video are combined together

Azden SMX-10 Microphone: I may sometimes use this along with my Zoom H4n now.

ATR-3350 Lavalier microphone: I am using this for video work. Seems to work OKAY, only records sound in the left channel and is omnidirectional. Seems to make a slight buzzing noise but it was the cheapest one I could find that looked reasonably good.


Gray card: Use the big gray patch on the back for white balance color correction

BP1500 Calumet Backpack: Love this bag, just got it.

UN Blow Brush: Old blower brush thing

Sima Lenspen: Love the non-brush side. Use air instead of the brush to brush little speckles off your lens.

ML-L3 Nikon Remote: Wireless remote for the Nikon D50, it can also be used to lock the shutter so you can record an exposure beyond 30 seconds in duration. This works with lower end Nikon DSLRs.

Remote Shutter Release Cord: For taking exposures longer than 30 seconds. This works with higher end Nikon DSLR cameras.

Roscolux: You can place these on your flash to change the color of the light.


Photoshop CS5: This is pretty much the ultimate photography editing software. Don’t need anything else.

Photomatix (Get 15% off with coupon code “photoex”): I use this when I do HDR stuff.

All the links above are my Amazon affiliate links, so if you click on one of them and make a purchase, I will get a small commission. This helps me continue create more high quality videos for you 🙂 I literally spent 2 full entire days filming this video, editing it, and creating this massive list.

photographic camera equipment inside a Calument BP 1500 camera backpack

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  2. Todd says:

    Awesome list, thanks for sharing

  3. You’re a pretty sharp guy and creative, too. I enjoy your videos and tutorials. Cool stuff.

  4. Sachin says:

    Awesome video. Keep posting your educational videos on photography. I like your style of presenting: very casual easy and more matter that matters !! Your shutter speed, aperture and iso video was the best !!! Hope to watch more of your videos and learn from them



  6. Theblues1102 says:

    It’s very useful for beginner like me.

    I’m waiting for your another creative.

    Thanks for all.

  7. Anna says:

    Thanks for sharing.. I like your video and website as well.. Could u make a tutorial about basic lighting?

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  9. laurie anne says:

    Hello Evan,
    I love your videos! You are such a card! I very much enjoyed your Christmas lights video too. I am just getting into studio lighting and getting more serious about portraits. So much to learn! I tried the link you put up for the infrared filter but I could not find it? I would love to get one… can you share more about what it does? The 6X is cool too… will order both once I get the right link! Cheers and keep up the great work!

  10. Luc says:

    Bonjour Evan,you are doing a fantastic job, i love your books and videos.About your photographic camera equipment,i found the video very interesting,just too bad it was not Canon….
    Looking forward to your updates!

  11. Michael says:

    Thanks for this information – didn’t even know that a lens reversing ring existed and for the small investment, I will be buying one to check it out. I’m a relatively new hobbyist photographer and have found you to be an incredible source of valuable information and you have made my steep learning curve a lot more informative and easier to get some great shots that probably would have taken me years to discover. Thank you Evan and I look forward to receiving more material from you.

  12. Chris Brown says:

    Oh, memories! In the 70’s, I worked in a photographic shop, and got all the things you mention: starburst filters, blower brush, polerizer filter, flashgun … I also had a pneumatic cable release. But then I moved into film, and a lot of the stuff was redundant. But now I’m moving back into that arena again, (currently converting a bedroom into a studio/greenroom with CFL lighting or studio flash) I’m also into video, and have built light stands to reach 3 metres, a counterweight small jib – about 4′ long that fits on a converted worklight stand and also fits to a three wheel dolly. And then there’s home built lavalier mikes, a zeppelin housing for windy days. So much stuff, had to pack it all into 7 large plastic storage boxes. I’m hoping to write all the DIY items into Kindle ebooks. Perhaps once my photo/video site is back up again, (domain expired) we can work together on online projects.

  13. Noah says:

    Hiya. Thanks for showing everything you have. Who ever uses lens tissues anyway? They’re horrible, and they always leave lint no matter how they’re advertised.

    However, I would like to know what you use for cleaning your sensor if you ever have to? Cuz my images are starting to come out with worrying dots, the sensor looks visually clean to my eyes, but I’m guessing it might need a clean. I’m just worried cuz I have a history with glass and such delicate surfaces.

    Hope you can reply by email if there’s no notification for a reply here. 🙂

  14. Narayanan Lalit Kumar says:

    Hey, thanks for the wonderful video presentation. Very informative and useful. I am so pleased to see that you use 18-55mm most of the time since I also have that kit lens and not those crazy expensive gear most photographers of your caliber uses. Waiting to buy your informative books also some time soon. Cheers.

  15. Thanks for sharing!
    Your book is amazing! You’ve collected a lot of different information with bunch of examples. Thanks!

  16. Arun says:

    Hi I am doing photography and like your tricks and special effects can you tell something about your ebook how to pay for it I don’t have credit card and me in Australia

  17. Arun says:

    Hi I am doing photography and like your tricks and special effects can you tell something about your ebook how to pay for it I don’t have credit card and me in Australia You can check my photos on Face Book Arun Nanda photograph of myself background brisbane city

  18. Paresh says:

    Thanks for sharing

  19. himanshu says:

    thnx for sharing man………..
    short n informative thnx….

  20. KARENSUE says:

    HI.. Thanks for the E-so i coucld link up with you to atch your latest vid.! it was great.. the bag is great.. the reverse ring .. learned something new.. in all i’ll be on amazon shopping after this..
    thanks again.. your info and pic’s are wonderful.. keep it coming..k-

  21. huberson T says:

    Hi Evans, not sure that I had taken the time to thank you and express my appreciation for your videos and hints. Thank you very much. and Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2013

  22. Dave says:

    Hey Evan, In one of your videos you used a “reflector stand” to hold up a black background. Do you know the name of it (company / model)?

  23. Melrose says:

    You are such an amazing photographer. I’ve been watching your youtube videos everyday since the day I first day I saw it. Very informative and the presentation is so casual so its easy to learn and understand.

  24. Steve says:

    I have been doing photography for many years but willing to learn more.
    The way you put the info across in your video’s are cool and informative.
    Thanks for the info on reflectors. And the type of studio lights you use. Most of the stuff you use is very similar to the kit I use. Even down to the drums.

  25. Cesar Lucio says:

    How can I find the proper filter for my lenses?, I’ve got a sigma 24-70mm

  26. a. maldonado says:

    Out standing, i’ve got a lot of stuff including your pdf ebook and a lot of stuff from the inside. HiviZ, PsE11, El Wire etc. Keep them coming.

  27. Manduul Enkhbat says:

    thank you so much!

  28. arnold dixon says:

    The video was so useful evan great job thanks

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