My Photography: Best of 2013

Here is a slide-show of my favorite images of 2013:

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33 Responses to My Photography: Best of 2013

  1. Good job!!! Looked with pleasure. Waiting for new tutorials 🙂

  2. Collin laster says:

    I believe pewdiepie used one of your pictures for his latest video! If it isn’t you, it sure does look like it. Keep up the amazing photography, by the way!

  3. MurphyPr says:

    Oh ! Tremendous job. Thank you for sharing with us. I wish you go ahead for long run.

    Curso Autocad

  4. Bhaskar Jyoti Dutta says:

    Ur pics are totally good and m a good fan of you photography and tutorials…..

  5. Yap! really best of 2013 🙂

  6. etelka kovacs says:

    Hi.I Lost the e-mail I paid for a few months ago.
    Can u resend it to me pls.

  7. NusratJha says:

    Major thankies for the article.Much thanks again.
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  8. Great and amazing picture

  9. Bali Driver says:

    That’s is amazing picture

  10. Pictures are so amazing, you must have a very experienced photographer!

  11. LV says:

    Hi Do you know how people are doing the videos with multiple
    Of themselves, singing and harmonizing in each pane? Nobody
    Seems to know, but they keep showing up on Facebook. Thanks
    So much for any advice. I’m a singer songwriter and it’s a
    Very cool tool!

  12. Nasrin says:

    Great capture of 2013!

  13. Salim Ahmed says:

    Really it’s symbol of great photography. 2013 Lucky for you. All the best.

  14. Really nice pictures. you done a great job.

  15. Chaz says:

    Nice art. Please put me on your email list.


  16. Hi,

    I have landed late, but worth the wait ! Great pictures ! Tremendous job..

  17. Mark Dsouza says:


    great collections of pictures ! congrats..

  18. Thanks for your shearing . This information is very helpful.

  19. This is an amazing video clip and thanks for shared this post with us .

  20. Rahim mia says:

    Nice looking…Great video…Some of moment Looking nice.

  21. Lisa Maria says:

    I believe pewdiepie used one in every of your photos for his latest video! If it isn’t you, it positive will seem like it. sustain the superb photography, by the way!

  22. You have captured some great photograph. The style of your photography is way too cool. I love it! please do more. Thanks.

  23. ashiq Rahman says:

    Awesome article. Keep it up. Like the image and the process of Free trial . Thanks keep it up ..

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  25. Sophie Sarah says:

    Amazing!!! Just Gorgeous and very creative, I really love this type of work of. Thanks a lot for sharing the work of this amazing artist.

  26. Superb!!! Nicely done and quite creative, I enjoyed going thru the video. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Much appreciated

  27. Manish durge says:

    Wonderful work done by you sir

  28. Phometo says:

    Amazing!!! Just Gorgeous and very creative, I really love this type of work of. Thanks a lot for sharing the work of this amazing artist.

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  30. Prodip says:

    I like your blog.

  31. Pobittro says:

    Your post is really amazing and informative.

  32. Roy says:

    The great Video. Really helpful the topics and also the comments that give more idea to each and everyone.
    You did a great job.

  33. Manoj verma says:

    I really like this post. thanks for this

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