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Floating Banana Photoshop Tutorial

In this photography/Photoshop tutorial I show you how to photograph a levitating/floating banana.

Just gotta put your camera on a tripod, use manual mode, and take two pictures (one with the banana in the frame and one without) with the same aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance for each photo.

Then just stack them on top of each other as layers, erase the skewer with a layer mask and BAM! You got yourself a floating banana.

And remember, if you are into this type of photography, you'll love my Trick Photography and Special Effects e-book (and soon to be DVD / online video course).

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  1. As usual, excelent and simple…. thank you

  2. Even though it’s April Fools Day and your voice sounds ridiculous this is actually a really awesome picture! @_@

  3. wow smoking hot floating banana!!! hahahaha

  4. Very good , thank you very much. u the best.

  5. WOW! This is really cool!

  6. You are seriously awesome!!!;)

  7. i watch your videos, and come on your website all the time… But that video was highly irritating. Please, stick to making real, normal videos. If that was the first video i had seen, i would never be back on your site again. Just for future reference.

  8. Hey Cody, thanks for the comment 🙂
    Remember that this was an April Fool’s Joke. I love doing these and am not planning on stopping them, so for future reference… 😉

  9. This is an excellent tutorial as always! Keep them coming 🙂

  10. i watch your video,these work are sharpminded,i like it

  11. What photo editor you use?

  12. I love floating 😀
    though it’s really easy to make xD

    Your tutorials are very good 🙂 especially the steel wool spinning!

  13. And Boom! ROFL
    Nobody realized who you were fooling?
    He know fooootooooo, he thinks.

    Prefer your to the Point Videos instead of the mentioned bla bla

    Thank you very much

  14. Will it work using CS2

  15. I was wondering what was up with the voice until I read some of the other comments.. Still a nice tutorial, despite the voice 🙂

  16. good day sir,please i kind of find it difficult to create a flying banana of ma own.can you please tell me how to download the eraser tool.i love your works and i will b very glad to make one of ma own.THANKS AND GOD BLESS YOU.

  17. what type of photoshop program do you use?

  18. I love your work!!! Two questions–1)what type of photoshop do you use? 2)I have photoshop elements 11, and being a newbie, when trying the floating banana, I could not figure out how to stack the two photos in the layers pallet, please help. Thanking you in advance

  19. Damgood job I read the comments. Elsewise I’d NEVER have returned to this site.
    I was tempted to cut it short B4 the end.

  20. hahahaha i think imma try this one…. just that the voice is annoyingly funny hahaha! thanks for the simple photoshop trick!

  21. WOW! You’re just amazing!
    So happy that I found you, haha 🙂

  22. please send or publish the psd files. the final one so that i can just use the banana.

  23. That accent was great!

  24. i live in South Africa, it will be an honor to tell you my bit of a story through your personal email. Please inbox me. i hope to find kindness in your heart and reply as soon as you get this. One fact is, i love your work on every level.

  25. A really simple one here!

    I am just getting in photoshop and this is one I can actually do. Mine didn’t run out quite like the video (I had an old banana ad skewers sunk in too deeply)

    But nevertheless it turned out really well.

    Cheers! Mitch.

  26. Wow, i had to put that on mute it was so annoying.

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