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Photography Masterclass is Now Online!

My new online photography course Photography Masterclass is meant for the person who just got a DSLR, is about to get one, or has had one for a while but never took the time to thoroughly master it to the professional level.

The course contains 26 videos (11 hours total), an equipment guide, and bonuses.

If you know nothing about photography but want to get up-to-date to the pro level as quickly as possible, this is for you.

Photography Masterclass is broken up into four modules:

  1. Mastering Your DSLR Camera (Mastering Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance, Focus, Exposure Compensation, Shooting Modes, Flash Modes, Focusing Modes, etc.)
  2. Photography Equipment (DSLR Camera Bodies, Lenses, Lighting Equipment, Accessories)
  3. Composition and Light (Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Psychological Triggers, Lighting Set-Ups)
  4. Post-Production (Developing images in Adobe Lightroom and editing in Adobe Photoshop)

After watching the videos, you will feel confident taking pictures with your camera regardless of the situation you are in (whether it is low-light situation, a weird colored situation, etc.) and regardless of the subject matter (whether you are taking pictures of a something moving, still-life, landscapes, people, close-ups, etc.)

The course also has a 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren't satisfied in the least bit for any reason, just email me and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

For more information, check it out here:

Photography Masterclass by Evan Sharboneau

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Glowing Lines Photoshop Tutorial

In this digital photography and Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to capture a photo using grids and gels on flashes to get the proper lighting. We will then go into the Adobe Photoshop software program and create the glowing lines and smokey cloud in front of the luminous face.

Push the play button on the video player below to start watching the tutorial - I recommend watching it in Full Screen so you can see the text when I am in Adobe Photoshop.

If you can't see the video player below, you can watch it directly on YouTube (opens in new tab/window).



This is the newest image I've made with abstract glowing lines.



This was the first image I created that made use of geometric abstract glowing lines.


Hyper Reality

This image was made after the first one; my friend (the model) got the idea to make the original concept above more three-dimensional by taking the shot at an angle. We spent hours in Photoshop making the lines, perfecting the skin, removing harsh shadows, dodging and burning, and making the colors vivid. There is a before-and-after image here.


MonolithThis one wasn't made with the pen tool to create lines, but instead the rectangular marquee tool was used to create two rectangles filled with white on two separate layers, then I deleted portions of the two rectangles and added a glow to match that of its environment (it was a really foggy morning). The original lighting source in the scene was deleted using layer masks.


Open-Source DSLR Announced: D800o (April Fools)

If the video above is not displaying properly, you can watch it on YouTube.

Here is the example image of the customizable repeating flash velocities:



New Features include:
- Sound and Motion Detection Shutter Triggering
- Mappable ISO Sensitivity Sensor
- Media Capturing Formats include:
Images: JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, NEF, GIF, Animated GIF, PNG, PDF (???)
Video: AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV
Audio: WAVE, MP3, FLAC, AIFF, AAC, OGG (Sample rate and bit-depth are fully adjustable)
- Live Histogram
- New BULB2 Mode
- Auto-Focus Bracketing
- Programmable AF-Assist Lamp
- XWR Capture for HDR harvesting and video exporting
- WiFi
- HDMI Input
- Displays Non-Nikon Content
- Displays Megabyte of pictures
- Automatic Orientation Rotation
- Selections and Playlists for Deleting and Previewing Content
- Fully adjustable decimal system for integers, including: EV Compensation, White Balance, Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture, Frames Per Second, EV Bracketing, White Balance Bracketing, Flash, Repeatable Flash, Self-Timer, Exposure Delay Mode, Interval Timer Shooting, etc.
- Expanded White Balance (0K-50,000K)
- Expanded EV Compensation (Unlimited Stops)
- Customizable File and Folder Naming
- Loopable FPS Patterns
- April Fools are not included with the D800o
- 3D MODE (two or more Nikon DSLRS can be synced using either USB or WiFi)
- Open Source Mode
- Nikon App Store
- Glow-In-The-Dark Buttons
- Installable Sensor Crystals

If you would like to sign a petition to make Nikon open source and one day have a camera like this, consider signing this petition!

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