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“A Room Filled with an Obnoxious Amount of Money”

For this photograph titled A Room Filled with an Obnoxious Amount of Money, I simply withdrew $871 from the bank and then used the multiplicity photography effect to fill the room up with cash.

This process roughly took 7-10 hours: roughly 4 hours taking the actual pictures of the money with my DSLR on a tripod; as you can see, I've put the money inside of picture frames, taped it walls, folded it around window blinds, mounted it in piles, and stuffed it in drawers and glass jars. Post-processing the 170 individual frames in Adobe Photoshop CS5 took roughly 5 hours.  This is a 2 shot vertical panorama (Everything shot in JPEG) with some HDR toning applied at the very end with the Topaz Photoshop plug-in.
A Room Filled with an Obnoxious Amount of Money
This looks like an obnoxious amount of money, but it was really only $871, as you can see below.

1000 dollars

In order to make the heaping "piles" of money seen on the tables, I simply took a small pillow and covered it with the $871, making sure no part of the pillow was visible, then moved the money to the next spot, and repeated 170 times:


If you take this $871 and then multiply it 170 times, this room would be filled with $148,070 USD. If you add the amount of money perceived inside the glass jars and underneath the heaping piles, this room could easily add up to a million US dollars or more.

Pretty cool! I'm rich with American currency, and it only took me 9 hours!

The multiplicity photography effect is explained in the video tutorial linked above. Plus, if you want an entire structured library of unique photography techniques, consider purchasing my instructional how-to e-book and online video course Trick Photography and Special Effects, which explains the camera techniques used to create creative images just like these ones.

Here is another image that is a little more casual titled "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" (Skrillex reference) that was taken in the same room:
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites


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  1. WOW great job !LOVE IT just photoshop me in. :))

  2. very interesting and inspiring! thx, great work

  3. Very nice, Evan

  4. WOW. Amazing job! Definitely a time consuming image, but I think it was definitely worth all of the effort.

  5. Cool! This should be how much you’ve made from your book! I’ve enjoyed every page of it!!!

  6. Nice work Evan, put some time and money to this shot, and it “paid off”.

  7. U rock dude !!!

  8. Your blog is really nice!

  9. Wonderful job Evan! Thank you for your book also!

  10. Thanks a lot for all your “extreme” tutorials, have tried last weekend this one here by myself and this is my result:

  11. Crazy cool! You should do “abundance” posters!

  12. Great shot Looks like your book sales are doing well. Congrtulations. I think you deserve it. :0)

  13. I am marrying you!

  14. This is genius stuff. And the concept can be used for so many more kinds of pictures. And you even share the secrets for free. Good karma.


  15. Ever since I was younger I had the dream of starting and running my own business. It took me 25 years to figure out where I wanted to start and I would literally beat myself up everyday for not knowing what I was going to do for a living. I have been working in a restaurant for the last 4 years and everyday I look at the people that have been there for 10 years serving people, making the same money and then blowing it at the bars. Some with dreams, some with out dreams but which ever way you look at it, neither side is pursuing that dream.

  16. Great work. Sad to see your photo used without attribution at Hilarious thing is that the author is writing about an ethical issue. Clearly has no ethics of his own!

  17. Hey love lots of your work…
    I have in idea that may have saved you loads of time on this one… Take $148,070 USD out of your account and do it all in one photo!!! Lateral thinking often saves time…
    I have looked through most of your site, and can see the progression from the early ones to the latest. as many say, very inspiring… keep up the good work…
    Barry aka Uncle Wiggy

  18. People can create infinite amounts of money, but that does not change the fact that there are finite resources. If everyone had a lot more money, that would simply mean that that money was worth a lot less, not that they could buy more with it.

  19. just to let you know, people r using your photo on facebook, without a mention of you, i would be raging if it was my image.x

  20. The post is absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration both of which we all need! Also like to admire the time and effort you put into your blog.

  21. Someone is claiming this is their house on Facebook and using your picture you should check it out

  22. Cool room full of money lol, by the way, great pictures! are great.

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  26. Such a poignant post and a beautiful photo to accompany it. Lots of money here 😛 lol. thanks.

  27. This post is really good for freshers who are interested in this market. Keep it up guys.

  28. Time consuming work but its worth it.. Really good post for helped me a lot.
    Thank you. 😀

  29. It has been 871 days since I have laughed about fiat money. Thanks a million.

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  31. very creative looking in your photography.
    looking for your next post

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  33. very nice !!!!! great idea.

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