Bug Eyed Photography Tutorial


  1. A digital camera
  2. A tripod or flat surface
  3. Photoshop


  1. Put your camera on your tripod and face it towards your subject
  2. Take two pictures in Manual mode, one with your eyes looking up and one with them looking down. Keep your head as still as possible.
  3. Open up your photos in Photoshop and stack them on top of each other as layers.
  4. Next, create a Layer Mask on the top layer, select a black soft brush, and paint over an eye.
  5. Your done!

If you found this useful, you can always submit your results to the PhotoExtremist Flickr Group so others can see 🙂

Have fun!

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1 Response to Bug Eyed Photography Tutorial

  1. Don Pullum says:

    1. Your having too much fun; make it look harder.
    2. Your equipment is low cost like mine! How can your photos look so good?
    3. You are not using your equipment the way it is made to be used.
    Congratulations and Thank you !!!!
    I have 1. a DIY Canon G-2 IR mod. 2. Kodak Z1015 hot glued on shoe, ring for UV lens filter, and ring on body for 58mm snout for filters; the things Kodak forgot. 3. Fuji S9000 What No Mods. 4. And not to forget my true love glued to my hip,,, Panasonic TZ3

    Next project,,, to use multi flashes from disposable cameras begged from drug store.
    Keep young,,, I have and will be 75 in the spring.


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