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42 Reasons Why Nikon (and Canon) Suck

Warning: If you don't have a sense of humor or an open mind, then I would suggest not reading this post and leaving.

Hey! I recently purchased a new Nikon D300s, and I am not satisfied with it. In fact, I'm absolutely disgusted with it! I paid $1800 for this camera, and it can't do any of these basic functions, most of which are just software/firmware things that could be added without any hardware tweaking. Although this list specifically applies to the D300s (because I own it and know what it can/cannot do), a lot of the things apply to almost any digital SLR camera that are produced by Canon, Sony, Fuji.... whatever.

*UPDATE 1/31/2016*: Things I really want are in bold. Things I noticed have been fixed in 2016 using my current camera (D810) are in green. Anything else isn't extremely important to me personally, but I wouldn't be complaining if they added them while still maintaining their simplistic and easy to use interface, in fact I would think they would be there by now but they are not.

  1. There is no sound detection shutter triggering.
  2. There is no motion detection shutter triggering.
  3. There is no headphone output.
  4. There is no sound metering/VU/Volume/Peak meter in camera.
  5. You can't record audio files (I think this feature is on the D3/D4/D5, however).
  6. The only image recording options available are JPG, TIFF, or NEF. The only video formats available are .AVI.
  7. Nikon has limited the frames per second. The camera is capable taking 8fps without an external battery pack, but in order to enable 8fps properly, the camera has to detect that there is a battery grip attached.
  8. You can't write your own programs for the camera because the firmware is not open source. The majority of these problems (almost all of them) would be solvable if it was!
  9. You cannot view non-Nikon content in camera on the LCD screen. All images and videos must be taken by a Nikon camera in order to be played back in camera.
  10. It can't meter beyond 30 seconds.
  11. It can't blend multiple exposures in certain, useful ways.
  12. It only can do whole number fps integers (4fps, 5fps, etc) and is unable to use more flexible values, such as 4.2 fps or 4.3fps, for example.
  13. It can't do 2 fps and then 3 fps, and then loop that pattern.
  14. You cannot bracket images with user customized integers/values.
  15. The exposure bracketing only allows up to a maximum of 9 stops.
  16. The self-timer only has 2, 5, 10, or 20 seconds available for customization. What if I wanted 8.5 seconds? What if I wanted 40 seconds, or 8.2 hours?
  17. The exposure delay mode can only be set to 1 second. What if I wanted it longer?
  18. You cannot properly set the white balance in camera for infrared photography or ultraviolet photography. This feature was available in some very old models like the Nikon D50, especially with JPEGs. Why is it gone? The WB is stuck at 1,000-10,000k. Adobe should expand their white balance values in their software as well, then we wouldn't have to go out of our way to make custom DNG profiles every time we take an IR image using a new camera.
  19. The file naming system is limited. It allows only three characters, an underscore, and then the numbers 0001-9999. What if I wanted the file name to have an unlimited amount of characters at the beginning (or end), and then the file number (for example 00005356342 (as you can see, it can go past 9999 without being reset to 0001 for no reason)) and then another set of characters, and then a custom variable or two, such as the date or camera serial/model number? Having such as system would mean every file would have a unique file name, so there would no duplicates at all in your entire library of 100,000+ images.
  20. The Active folder function (folder naming) is limited. Yet again, it only allows three numbers to be inserted into the folder name, and then a "D300S" is stuck at the end of the folder name. What if I wanted an unlimited amount of customizable numbers AND letters, AND the ability to insert metadata variables (time, date, location, serial no., camera model, iso number, etc)?
  21. There is no live histogram.
  22. The live horizon only meters the x axis, not the y axis.
  23. The BULB mode is limited. It lets the photographer take an exposure while their finger is pressed on the shutter, but if they wanted to push the shutter once to activate the exposure, and then once again to stop the exposure, they wouldn't be able to do that without buying a cable release or remote.
  24. EV, Exp, and ISO is adjustable only in 1/3 or 1/2 increments.
  25. Accurate exposure times are limited. For example, you cannot set it to 23 seconds. It's either 20 or 25.
  26. It only can write files to be in horizontal orientation. It can write in the EXIF data that it needs rotating, but if you wanted to write the actual file dimensions in vertical orientation, its is impossible.
  27. It's incapable of auto-focus bracketing.
  28. The AF Assist lamp doesn't always turn on when it's dark, and furthermore, there is no option to turn on the AF Assist lamp at your desire. It is a waste considering how bright and useful the lamp is. It would be convenient for the user to have the ability to assign a button that turns on the AF Lamp so you can see in the dark.
  29. The Interval Time Shooting mode is limited.
  30. There is no way to tell how large the file size is for any of the files on the card.
  31. There is no option to view the pictures in whatever orientation your camera is in. It's either "ROTATE TALL" or not.
  32. You cannot install different sized crystals inside of the camera body that are in front of the sensor to bend light in certain artistic ways (this one is more of a joke than not, although having the ability to easily swap the Internal Cut Filters would be awesome, and silly cameras like the Nikon D810A wouldn't need to exist)
  33. You cannot auto-focus the lens from Focus Point A to Focus Point B while it is taking an exposure.
  34. The exposure compensation only goes up or down to a maximum of five stops. What if you wanted to set it over 5? Why limit everything using arbitrary numbers? I like that it stops at 5, because if I want to quickly move it up or down as much as possible, I know that I can just keep rotating the dial until it stops at 5. There should be an option in the menu to change the maximum number, however.
  35. You cannot easily select groups of images to be deleted simultaneously.
  36. You cannot quickly create a playlist of certain images/videos you want to play while in sideshow mode.
  37. You cannot resize images to smaller sizes. This feature was available in older models.
  38. The repeating flash mode is limited to 1HZ to 50HZ. It's very possible to program the camera to be .5HZ.
  39. There is an option that allows you to trim movie clips from the beginning, and another option to trim movie clips from the end, however if you wanted to do both at the same time, there is no option available. You have to trim the beginning, which makes a new copy of the file, then trim the end of that copy, which makes another copy. In the end you have 3 copies.
  40. You cannot create a movie file of an exposure being recorded in real time.
  41. You cannot set the shutter speed to whatever you want when recording video.
    You cannot set the ISO number to whatever you want when recording video.
  42. You cannot set custom values for each flash burst in the Flash Burst mode.
  43. You can't watch videos in slideshow mode.
  44. The AGC (Audio Gain Control) is horrible. People have been complaining all over the internet about their frustration of it not being able to switch the AGC to manual.
  45. You can't take images in any size you want. Cameras offer Small, Medium, and Large image sizes for JPEG and sometimes with RAW. The image size should be able to be customized to any dimension you want, with any filetype, including RAW. With my 36 megapixel D810A DSLR, I want to have the ability to make the images Extra Small.
  46. Each pixel on the sensor cannot have its own dedicated ISO number. Depending on how advanced they made this feature, this could potentially completely revolutionize HDR photography. Mapping just a simple gradient down the sensor would be nice though.
  47. Built in GPS? Nope. I really am wanting this.
  48. Built in WiFi? Nope. I probably would never ever use this, but still.
  49. You can't link two or more DSLRs together for 3D capturing.
  50. The painted labels near the buttons do not glow in the dark.
  51. There is no RAW for video.
  52. You cannot create animated GIFs.

A lot of the things listed above are already capable of being enabled in the camera, however Nikon decided to just disable them for the hell of it. This leaves all the photographers who want more control over there camera in the dark, with no other option but to suffer.

There is only one solution at this point, and that is  The Frankencamera.  The Frankencamera will allow users to write their own programs for the camera and use it as they please, however it is currently difficult to get one of these, because it is still in development and being prepared for public use... Plus it is extremely bulky.

The Nikon D300s' competitor, the Canon 7D, fixes some of the problems... but I don't own one so I can't tell you which problems it fixes and which ones it doesn't. I'm assuming that it only can fix a few. Based on a video review I saw of it, the only things better than the Nikon is that it can take longer video footage, it's 18 megapixels compared to 12, and it can meter the y axis horizon (ohhhh. big deal)

People seem to make jokes about this post and say things like "well this camera can't make me toast in the morning, so therefore it is useless!".  That is because the camera wasn't designed to make toast and it would need new hardware in order to do that and would be ridiculous to begin with. Most of the items that I have listed above do not require any new hardware to be installed into the camera. I am simply trying to point out the un-met potential DSLR cameras have.

There are so many creative (and very practical/useful ) features that could be implemented into cameras that are not being taken advantage of.   Take a look at this theoretical open source DSLR that implements some of the features listed above, and hopefully you will come to some conclusion on why I hate camera companies for not progressing their technology beyond the point of just adding more megapixels and a faster frame-rate each year to their cameras. If they would just make the camera open source, the technology could progress so much faster. They are ruining it for everyone.

Is there anything you think should be added to the list?

11/16/2010 UPDATE: Yes, I researched the camera before buying it, and believe it or not, I felt that it was the best one on the market for me. However, that does not mean that I like it or am even the happy with it. At most, I am truly disappointed with the camera's available on the market today. If you gave me the most high-end, top-notch flagship camera from Nikon or Canon, I still would not be impressed because of how impractical it is. If the firmware was open source, however.... then that would be completely different story, and paying 3+ grand for a camera WOULD be worth it. I'm surprised Nikon and Canon even give us the option to change the  shutter speed and ISO, considering all the other hundreds of other features they are holding back.

Please write a comment below and tell me what you think.

Multiplicity + Stereographic 360X180 Panorama

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  1. I think 7D is my next camera too – ive been going back and forth between that one and the 5d2. I think the 7D is definitely the better deal, for all the features you get. 5d2 will always have better higher ISO quality, I mean come on, it’s full frame.

  2. Evan I think you’d be prime candidate for that new open source camera that they’re working on:

  3. hey there..
    just wondering, is there a known camera that can record a long exposure taking place??

  4. I haven’t heard of any camera that can do that, sadly.

    There is an alternative way to kind of do it with star trail shots though, but it’s not really the same thing.

  5. You forgot to mention sync speed. A crappy 200th max. D50 will sync past 1000th. Why is the D300 limited to a 200th? So is my D90. Will I have to carry the D50 around forever to get a decent sync speed?

  6. Ahh, forgot about that one! I just did a test for sync speed for my D300s and my D50. The Nikon D300s has a max sync speed of 1/320, and the Nikon D50 simply doesn’t have a limit. It can go all the way to 1/4000 with no black bars when using flash. The reason why the D300s has black bars is because the shutters are designed differently.

  7. WoW! I have one and have no idea what your talking about. Is it really that hard of a camera to use? I have been have some fair luck with mine, then again, I only know how to take a photo not what it took to have it show up on a computer monitor.

    Check out some of my shots:

    Having 8 shots a second REALLY sucked on these:

  8. I’ve been using Nikon lenses for four years and don’t want to switch over to some other company. And besides, I don’t think there is a camera that exists that have those features anyway, so the Nikon d300s was my best option.

  9. Hey, it’s MrParts from DeviantART! You bought me a subscription there along time ago 😀

    The camera is just a standard DSLR. It’s not hard to use, but it lacks tons of features that should be enabled on a body that is almost $2000.

  10. I am a canon 450D user but I don’t think Nikon sucks. Its not fair to compare a camera with one that yet doesn’t exist.
    Also, we yet have to see open source guys writing firmware for canon, nikon et. al. Before that, we have to be contented with what these camera companies sell us. Besides, they are manufacturing equipment for the prosumer market. If they allow so much customization in lower end camera like the Nikon Dxxx or Canon xxD, people will run away. After all, people still believe Windows is easier than Linux 🙂

  11. You really really should have dug into this before you bought anything!!

    1.Is there one on ANY camera???
    2.Same as 1.
    3.It’s a camera, not an mp3 player
    4.Same as 3.
    5.You sure you wanted to buy a CAMERA?
    6.What more do you want????
    7.You really really should have dug into this before you bought anything!!
    8.I won’t even reply to this crap!
    9.You really are a moron!!

    Well for everything else…you are obviously a camera-noob who doesn’t even deserve to use a camera! Get it back to the store and buy a brain instead!

  12. 1. There very well could be. The D300s has a microphone built into, in case you didn’t already know.
    2. There could be.
    3. The headphone output would be used to test the sound through the mic-in to make sure it is coming into the camera correctly before you start recording. It could also be used to listen to your video files that you have recorded.
    4. I’m aware that it is not an MP3 player, it’s a DSLR camera. The sound meter would just be, again, another tool to properly double check audio coming into the camera.
    5. Yes, I’m sure I wanted a camera, but we are at a point in time where multi-functionality is becoming more relevant. The camera has a microphone input, but is only enabled to record AVI files.
    6. I don’t really want any more than that. JPG+RAW+TIFF+AVI do just fine. I would like WAVE though.
    7. I researched the camera for hours before I finally purchased it.
    8. I’m replying right now
    9. What makes you think that?

    What makes you think that I am obviously a camera-noob?

  13. i’m sorry but last time i thought u were buying a digital slr. meaning a digital camera… a ton of ur complaints relates to the video… if u want a camera that produces video then you might as well go get one… just my opinion tho.
    but to say a whole company sucks… is just ridiculous. cannon and nikon go back and forth. the whole dispute is kind ridiculous.

  14. I think all cameras ultimately suck because the functionality of them isn’t being used to a higher potential (open source being the most realistic maximum potential of a camera). Thank you for your comment, and I agree with you. But only about 5 of the reasons were related to the video mode 😉

  15. Wow. Of your 42 reasons why the D300 sucks, I could only find two or three of those features to be actually useful if they were availabe.
    Why would I need Autofocus bracketing??? or even the ability to create a movie file from a long exposure? Is that even possible? And sound detection shutter triggers? Lol – you mean like the Clapper?

  16. Auto-Focus bracketing would be useful in macro photography, or in any kind of photography where you want to focus-stack your images to get infinity depth of field.

    If you could create a movie file from a single exposure, that would be one nice file with lots of frames. A great way to make an HDR file, or to record long exposures “appearing”. It would be awesome.

    Yep, like the Clapper 🙂 You could use it to take a picture without vibrating the camera (causing motion blur) and it could also be used to make your camera like a secret spy security camera whenever it detects a sound.

  17. #1 & 2 have power issues associated with them, and can be added with a remote connection anyway.
    #6: Licensing other formats would increase the cost.
    #19 & 20: long filenames have another licensing issue.
    #21: Can a live histogram be implemented in a DSLR?
    #23: Why wouldn’t you use a remote for this anyway…pressing the button leads to camera shake.

  18. Fortunately most or your comments think your nuts, or a twit or something!
    I thank you for your post, because you demonstrate how far outside of the box you are prepared to think.
    Do you work for NASA, if not you should because I understand they need someone just like you to solve the outside toilet problems with the space station.

  19. For one those guys make cameras, not advanced software… but that answers only a minority of the questions. Actually you have a pretty good point, but this is true for any camera manufacturer i know of.

    Let me share my view on some of these points:

    1, 2) Motion detection / audio detection triggering seems useful in some situations, but then again these are slightly tricky things to implement in software almost nobody is asking for. If you want them, most DSLRs can be triggered remotely and all you would need is constructing a simple remote that has the added advantage of being movable. That said, a feature where you would have the mirror go up and the camera trigger when something goes in view would be really nice so i somewhat agree on this one. More so, it would rock.

    3, 4, 5, 39, and AVI part on 6, 41) DSLRs are NOT videocameras neither voice recorders, it would be nice but then the cost of developping stable embedded software is higher than you might expect. Setting ISO for video would be cool, but shutter… video mode doesn’t use the shutter does it?

    6) Most DSLRs (and compact cameras) have a dedicated chip for encoding JPEG, thus providing speed. A wider range of lossless formats would also be nice but heh, once you get it on a computer you can convert it to any format anyway – it ain’t like TIFF and DNG files lack support.

    7) I believe you need the extra current to get that speed, tho you could be right. Also Nikon won’t let you set an option that only sometimes lives up to what it says or drains battery like hell.

    8) Yep, sad thing. Canon seems to be taking slow steps towards improving this (free SDK, i herd). They have motivations to be reluctant for releasing source tho, other brands might steal their neat noise reduction algorithm, people that think they can program might fuck their camera up, customer suppord might get ridden with failure because of third party firmware. But to be honest, i think only that first one is their motivation. Reverse engeneering can fix all this :-D. Still would be nice indeed.

    9) For the love of god, it is a camera not a media center. Maybe it works if it exactly matches how their stuff is encoded, else they are indeed just being dicks lol.

    10) Would be a very interesting thing to have, sadly i know of no sub-insane-price DSLR that can (without remote). And i do agree a remote would be a little silly compromise here.

    11, 39) That stuff belongs in postprocessing, srsly.

    12) It’s a camera, not a metronome – i doubt the hardware can manage to get it that precise and nobody would use it (besides nutters like you, maybe even i).

    13) Lol, nah. Tho it would be fun to have your camera scriptable or something – like all the stuff tethering can do from whitin scripts you can run on the camera or something.

    14, 15, 16, 17, 18) Sad things, but AFAIK all brands have limits like these.

    19) Run a little script to name the files according to exif data once you got them on a computer and it’s fixed. Would be useful to have some choise in camera tho.

    20) What if you wanted a self-destruct function? Doesn’t seem like a serious lack to me.

    21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 35, 37, 42) Would be fun to have, lazy devs. Reminds us that this is still a commercial product.

    23) No “mirror lock up” that does the same thing?at does the same thing?

    26) A very sane limit, i think.

    27) Crap, that would be a neat must-have feature.

    31, 32, 33, 34; 36, 40, 43) You damn hippie.

    38) Flash would suffer badly.

    By the way, i am no nikon fanboy my main camera is a pentax and it doesn’t even do tethering and i’m fine with that as i just shoot pics the way i am used to – from before there was digital. Some things could sure be improved – as could they be before the digital ages – but also some of your expectations are extreme and will probally only ever happen if you get into hacked reverse engeneered or open source firmware or even building your own camera. A very few of the points are seriously interesting features to have on a camera tho, and we can but hope manufacturers once implement such things more so – sadly they of course still are commercial producs and they don’t want to pay devs to work more hours when it doesn’t pay them lots more.

    Further, there are some serious hacks around for canon firmware. But as for open source firmware and hacks… that’ll probally never live up to your spec either unless you put months/years of work into it. Also, it’ll void warranty and blah blah blah. I think you schud return the thing to the store, and do some good research as to where you want to go with this.

    Also i suspect you are a linux fanboy, that once will discover software is never good unless you write it all by yourself. I’ve been there. Software frustrates the heck outta me, and frustration is my main reason to write software in the first place. Also GPL is evil, as are some of the secrets you see once you peer deeply in the open-source mainstream lol.

  20. Also d300s probally isn’t the best camera out there i bet, but i wouldn’t possibly know what to suggest you that would live up to spec. Exept a serious long term DIY/hacking project if you are extremely motivated. And nonetheless i find it interesting to hear sharp critique like this, better than just accepting anything that comes your way. In many ways i am like that, tho i accept my camera has no tethering or extremely good high ISO performance (which some of nikons cams do have).

  21. Hey thanks for your comment Matt, it was fun reading it and was probably the best one I’ve gotten so far 🙂

  22. I am very curious as to why you bought it if you knew it didn’t offer any of the items on your list…
    I own a D300s and I find no problem with it. I agree with previous comments that the video mode is pretty gimmick-y, and if the lack of functions the video capability has seems to be your main issue, why didn’t you consider purchasing a camcorder that fits your needs and/or an SLR that you can enjoy using? The functions you pointed out don’t seem necessary on an SLR whose primary function is to capture stunning images, which this model does very well. Perhaps the reason why you are getting so many hater-comments is because of your blunt title as well… I am SURE no camera exists that has all these functions you’ve listed. As Matt said, it’s not a media center. I figure the reason any company besides Red doesn’t create models of camcorders or DSLRs with all these extra features is because the sales price would shoot to $15,000 up! Once again, WHY did you spend $1,800 on this camera when you knew it wasn’t what you were looking for? Do some better comparison shopping next time, though I feel that there isn’t a camera out there that doesn’t “suck” in your mind if it doesn’t hold every unnecessary function that you so blatantly require.

  23. Well excuse me for being ignorant… the D300o appears to be a hoax…
    There’s my own fault. I should have read more about it.

  24. Hey Rebecca

    Yep, I knew about all the limitations before buying it. It was the best camera on the market to fit my needs. I would be totally jazzed if the Nikon D300o actually existed because that is the one I would have bought instead. Nothing like that is on the market yet though, so the D300s was the best alternative.

    The D300o would completely demolish the D300s without question. I wouldn’t know what more to ask for if I had a camera like that. Even if I did come up with something else that I would want in a camera, I could probably just hire a programmer to make it for me because the camera would be open source.

    I think camera technology would progress much faster if Nikon (or any camera manufacture) opened up their platform. What about you?

    BTW, I love the idea of a video mode in DSLR cameras, but it needs improvement (reason 3, 4, and 31, specifically. If those basic features were in the camera, I would be pretty stoked. Only like 3-5 of my reasons refer to the video mode)

    check out this website for reasons why DSLR Video is an excellent alternative to really expensive video cameras and why it will become more and more popular:

  25. Thanks for clearing that up for me! I understand your views a lot better now. I think an open-source Nikon (or any other brand) would be great for those who want it, and going to a programmer would be a good idea for you. I also agree that camera technology would progress a lot faster if companies “opened up their platforms”, and I guess we will see what happens in years to come.

  26. Man, your “reasons” just made my day!

  27. !. cleaver, that’s a good idea
    2. not sure how the camera can detect motion unless its in live view first.
    3. hardware limited issue
    4. software and hardware limited.
    5. most pro bodies, I always thought it funny that lower end cameras don’t do this
    6. what else do you need beyond jpg and nef? avi is a container file. the video stream will be the same regardless if its an avi, mp4 or mkv, etc… if you want raw video, pony up for a RED.
    7. high fps without the pack will drain the battery too fast and/or the small batteries can not keep up with the power demands.
    8. I want my camera to be rock solid, I dont see the use in what OSS will add in terms to its operation?
    9. duh
    10, 30 sec exposure is pretty low light, I dont think that you are going to get good metering accuracy at EV’s needing more exposure time than that. its all a crapshoot once you get below ev-6
    11. Multi Exposure in digital just doesnt happen easily. especially in raw.
    12. does this make any practical difference in real life situations?
    13. again. what is the practical application for this?
    14. if you need to bracket your own way, do it manually. again, what is th practical application for this?
    15. need more than a 9-stop bracket, shoot it in manual.
    16. they make external remote triggers with customized intervals dont they?
    17. dont know about this feature, my cameras dont have this one.
    18. if you shoot it in raw, there is no need to set a WB. I dont see the point in this.
    19. file systems need to be simple because they need fast write times. you want special file names and directories? do it in you workflow, not when shooting.
    20. same as above
    21. and how do you suppose a reflex camera will accomplish this feat with the swing mirror and shutter curtains in the way of the sensor? live view only at best.
    22. the built in level is redementry at best, you need more accuracy, get a 3-way spirit cold shoe unit.
    23. camera shake, use a proper remote.
    24. seriously? if you cant nail exposure at 1/2 or 1/3 stops, you suck at setting your exposure, the difference between a 1/2 and a 1/3 stop is 1/6th of a stop. almost unnoticeable. anything inbetween wont make a lick of a difference at all.
    25. this relates to my point above, email me if you dont understand f/stops an EV light values at all.
    26. why should this an issue at all? a vertical picture is a vertical picture.
    27. Contax had really crappy AF for their N system, its AFB mode was a needed. AFB mode is something i am surprised that no one uses for their SLR camera systems.
    28. AF lamps are annoying, especially ones that dont use IR assist beams. Despite that, it is annoying that you cant control when it turns on.
    30. why would you need to know this when shooting in the field? K.I.S.S. with information display.
    31. good idea on this one
    33. do you know how phase detection AF works at all?
    34. if you need to change exposure comp more than 5 atops, you would be better off in manual mode. more than 5 stops has to be a UX no-no.
    35. do that in your workflow, not when shooting. get a bigger card if you need to regularly delete images to free up space.
    36. I fail to see the practical utility in this,
    37. do this in your workflow, this was dropped because no one used this feature and it cluttered up the software. again why do this in camera when computer software does it better?
    38. you could but its guide number would be useless. you need .5hz, then get real lighting equipment.
    39. mt slr doesnt have video, but I do shhot video and edit video from time to time, but Id save extensive trimming for post-production, not on site.
    40. cmos and ccd semi-conductor sensor technologhy can not do this. physically impossible to pull images of exposures in progress. you are going to have to do this in post.
    41. yeah. they also need to change the language from shutterspeed, iso and aperture to shutter degrees, gain and iris while they are at it.
    42. not starting with this one. too lazy to explain this after 42 questions,
    43. ok, that sucks.
    44. USE REAL AUDIO CAPTURE. use your zoom h3. forget about on camera audio. its not a failure on their part. its just not that important, if you are serious about audio, you are not going to waste your time with on-board audio.

  28. p.s.
    I have a tip.
    buy an f3a, a 35mm prime and some film.
    read up on the history of photography. (google “bbc genius of photography” episode 4 is not to be missed and is a good starting point too)
    dump special effects and take pictures without gimmicks
    dont read photography blogs and stay away from photography magazines.
    shoot 50 rolls of film. develop them yourself if you want.
    do this, and you will know more about photography than anything else in the world.

    dont shoot to shoot, dont shoot for technique sake. shoot from the mind and heart. shoot what you love and document things that are important to you.

    you are good, damn good, but you are misguided by FPS and megapixels. make your pictures say something more than “extreme photo techniques” dont mistake fashion for art or style.


    p.p.s. its not about the camera body, its all about the glass. 😉

  29. p.p.p.s. 4am and holding a wiggly baby, grammar errors like mad.

  30. Hey Patrick thanks for your comment, read all of them. This blog post was halfway joking, halfway serious. The main point was #8. If anyone wanted to customize their camera in a certain way to enable any of these features (for whatever reason) or even sell applications for a camera, it could be a possibility, and the camera could be upgraded and tweaked overtime with cool features.

    I don’t really think using special effects is a “gimmick” or cheap in any way, just a label people use to classify something as.

    I shoot both from an introspective personal level (from the mind and heart), but I also shoot to learn about new techniques because they are very visually awesome and interesting to look at, and it’s fun information to share with others. It’s combining art with science. Light Painting is what originally intrigued me so much about photography, and all light painting is, is a technique.

    I don’t really consider myself a nerdy misguided tech person with no depth or soul who all they care about is the FPS and megapixels in a camera and not the art contained in the photo itself LOL Although, yes, I know that is how I came across in this post when I wrote it! That was the point! 🙂

    Even if all my photos only come across as “technique based”, I don’t really see anything wrong with that, just as I don’t see anything wrong with someone shooting only from “the mind and heart”. Just different ways of using a camera.

    btw what is wrong with photography blogs and magazines?

  31. You sure opened a can of worms with your opinion. Way to go! That’s what LIFE is all about.

  32. Had a cell phone once, it phoned home and had a button for on, one for off, one for redial and speaker phone button. No camera, no menus within menus within menus. Basic huh. It was great; simply a phone.

    Had a camera once, Pentax k-1000. Needle showed me the metering, focused in lens, could change speed and f stop visually in the camera to eye view. All these while holding the camera to my eye. It did not make calls or dry martinies shaken not stirred. Simply took great photos,,, Is basic good, yep.

    Your work is great, thank you. And yes, you are crazy, but one must be crazy to remain sane. Please, never grow up and continue to do crazy things in photography.

    My favorite camera is my Panasonic TZ-3, fits the pocket, no worry of being robbed on streets when i travel. It is glued to my hip in a belt pack. I have built an adapter for fish eye, filters, tele lens (now 20x or 560mm fixed). Hummm, do i need to up grade to TZ-7/10 with GPS? No, I think not.

  33. Tht would be nice to turn on the af assist light

  34. Some great Ideas, I know what you mean about things that are just software related that would be so easily implemented but yet are left out. I don’t own a DSLR yet, just a Lumix TZ10, seems pretty good for a compact, things like only taking 3 shots when on timer are annoying, why not take as many as possible, when not in timer mode it can take at least 5 or 6 shots in a quick burst, why not take 1 shot every 1,2,5,10 seconds or whatever length I desire until the memory is full or the battery runs out. I also own an old Kodak v610 dual lens which is bluetooth enabled, all it could do was send photos to other bluetooth devices, I always thought if somekind of live view could be sent via bluetooth to another screen/camera could be useful especially if you could take the photo by pressing a button on the camera that the live view was being bluetoothed to, the live view on the other camera wouldn’t need to be that high quality would it? just enough so you could see what you are taking a photo of, I could pop my camera down somewhere in the woods drop some bird seed/squirrel nuts or whatever move 20 or 30 feet away and take some nice close ups without the need for a zoom lens::) I know the EyeFi memory cards can send photos to Wifi or iPhones so surely it would be possible to send somekind of (albeit low quality) live Image, cameras with the twisty turnable screen would be cool if they completely detached from the camera & could receive the view from the camera body via blootooth::)

  35. Since technology is such a pain in the neck, why don’t you just shoot film?

  36. It’s so outdated it practically doesn’t even exist anymore… and is very inefficient compared to digital 😉

  37. This is a very funny article. I think people need to understand the humor behind most of it.
    If they made a camera that had all these features, I wonder what it would cost. OUCH! 🙂
    Wait… how big would it be?

  38. people! people! i dont think the article was entirely about complaining. i think what Photo X was trying to project was that we always need room for improvement when it comes to technology. photo X, maybe better use of words for the article’s title could help these people understand what your intentions are. i hope im right. saw some of your work and i was pretty inspired by it. i like that you are just doing exactly what you want to do. not like some of the over conceited folks out there who would rather take a pix of themselves and put it on facebook then repeat the process 30,000 times. what a joke. keep inspiring novice photographers like me, man. youre doing the right thing.

  39. Old people love Nikon cameras.

  40. I don’t think your list is off the wall. My old Canon s3 and some other older p&s had intervalometer. Now this software only feature simply removed from current models for no reason whatsoever except to make you buy more expensive equipment with that feature. Greedy companies, that’s all.

  41. Thanks Marcin, that’s exactly my point. The retail price of the camera should be dependent on the physical hardware aspects of the camera (sensor size, buttons, lcd screen, etc), NOT the software. Software should be more transparent and useable, sort of like Android or iPhone apps, but for cameras.

  42. If you ask me, they should be making cameras simpler, not more complicated. 99.9% of users would never use any of these features, they would only get in the way to your average user; besides, the user manual would be huge.

    Bring back the days when lenses didn’t zoom and only had manual focus and a manual aperture ring; when your camera only had an analogue light meter, and no auto exposure modes.

    I honestly don’t see me upgrading my canon 450D any time soon. The only thing I see it lacking is good high ISO capabilities for night photography. I use manual focus prime lenses more often than not, and use my film camera for anything serious.

  43. I think Autofocus is pretty useful, and DSLRs are way more efficient than film.

    Some of these features are completely standard features that should be in every slr (like being able to take a photo longer than 30 seconds)

    also the people who say it would be too complicated and no one would use all that stuff – look at modern day cellphones. They are not complicated machines, you can call people with it AND, if you want to, download and use of thousands of free applications(features) for your phone. If you don’t want to do that, than don’t worry about it 🙂

  44. Here is MY reason why Nikon sucks. Their Banner ad (i.E. on Justin TV) does not click off, and does not go away after 30 seconds before watching a movie on Justin TV or youtube. Any other advertiser has a 30 second ad, Nikons ad never goes away and makes it impossible to proceed to the movie or clip.

  45. I have had a certain fondness for Olympus since I learned on an OM1 30 years ago; however, I am greatly disappointed in the direction that they have taken with the 4/3rds format. I cannot believe how many things my E-620 will not do. Thank you Olympus for teaching me how to hate anything less than fullframe. After painstaking research for a camera that will do everything I want, I have found that none exist… At least in the 2 brands that I am willing to purchase. Canon’s 5D Mark II is the closest that I have found that will do most of the photography that I like but even then, I am limited by it’s features. I get why companies do this, so I have to buy 3 of their cameras… But it’s incredible frustrating.

  46. so i am thankful that im a canon 60d user hehe..
    hey Evan your my idol hehe i hope someday i can do what u can do..fuck ur so good

  47. I just skimmed through this article and the comments. Maybe someone mentioned it already. There is no live view when taking photos. Also the camera should have come with raw and tethering software. I had to bring the color intensity down and the sharpness up cause my portraits skins were smudgey like.

  48. firstlly evan you rock man…..its your blog therefore your opinion.
    So to all the idiots here dissing the article go back to the top of the page and READ.

    Warning: If you don’t have a sense of humor or an open mind, then I would suggest not reading this post and leaving

  49. and to patrick you SUCK…get a life

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