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Photoshop Flesh, Skin, and Body Parts Onto Eachother Using Photo Manipulation

One thing that I have recently been getting into is using photo manipulation to glue human body parts onto one another. I've done two pieces so far, (one is a picture of several body parts including arms, mouths, eyes, faces and flesh thrown together, and the other one is handsome hands).

Photoshop Time lapse of "Handsome Hands", 40 minutes boild down into 1:

Handsome Hands (Photoshop time lapse)
Uploaded by PhotoExtremist. - Arts and animation videos.

I would like to do an online art collaboration with several people, each adding their own body parts into a massive piece of jumbled up flesh. Leave a comment if you are up to it 😉

Tips for this type of photo manipulation:
Use the same amount of light, white balance, exposure, and F Stop in all shots to make all the photographs the same color; use layer masks with big, soft brushes to gradually blend the arm into the finger. Another thing I did was I shot this on a white background to make it easier.

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